Posted by: David Vojtech | April 16, 2011

Training run for a 50K

Today was my last training run before my 50K race next week. I took the afternoon to head out of town to get some good trail time and also some bigger hills. The race next week will have almost 6K feet in elevation gain and loss. I went to William O’Brian state park – my favorite and one of the most effective training courses I use. The park is filled with hiking and CC ski trails and I have mapped out a nice 10 mile loop. The loop allows me to stop at the Land Cruiser and refuel and get water much like an unmanned aid station. I planned for 20 miles today – two loops. It was not a real nice day – cold for this time of year and very very windy. The air temp of 35 was actually ideal for longer running but the wind did make for a cold start. This final run was as much for the physical test (I do not belong to a health club so all of my running is outside – and this winter did not allow for a great deal of outside running) as well as the mental test. Even with the lack of miles this season I feel good enough to do a 50K and keep the time below 6hrs. But I needed to make sure I still had the mental toughness to grind out the last miles even when the discomfort starts to set in. It is the toughness you need to keep going when it gets later in the afternoon and you are running alone for and hr or two. To pass right by the finish line at mile 27 and know you still have another hilly 6 mile loop to actually cross the line. To make sure I was going to be able to do it next week I challenged myself to to the identical loop on the way back as I had done going out. In most case this would not be much of an option but on this course there are 4 smaller loops that I could have easily skipped. I could have convinced myself that 18 or even 16 was ok but I did not do that. I did the second just as the first – 10 min slower but that is to be expected. I felt good during the run and had a a effective fueling plan that I will use next week. Part solid food and part supplemental liquid fuel.
Now it is time to relax by the fire – do some stretching and and get ready for the week.


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