Posted by: David Vojtech | November 19, 2010

Night Running

At 45°North it has turned very dark now that daylight savings time has left us so it is time for night running. The last couple of years I have not done all that much night running because I have had ample daylight time to run and have not been so driven at this time of year. But now I have a work schedule that fills my week and some running goals that I would like to obtain this year so night running is back. Yesterday was the first one and it was like meeting with an old friend after several years apart. Although not complete darkness when I started I still had to watch for icy patches and obstacles in the low light that could derail this run and others in the near future. But after a few miles my eyes adjusted and the trail became clear. I am a trail runner so my course is not a city street but a trail through a county park system that can be added and added to. I run in an area that is part of a reservoir system for the city of St. Paul and is a very remote area inside the city. Light from the city creeps into part of my course but most is lit by moonlight or the ambient lite that reflects off of the cloud cover. It is a very calming experience and one I am glad to be back into. As you might expect there are few runners, but some, so if solitude is what you are looking for you are in luck. I would post some pictures but it was to dark – ha ha.


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