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Friday night – I am sitting next to the fire and generally enjoying doing nothing. Some web time, a little music (KEXP streaming out of Seattle) and of course some beer. Tomorrow morning Devon and I will do a 5k over in western WI, just for fun. Then some time with the family at my sisters. After that I am sure there will be some football to watch in the evening. Sunday morning is NY Times and coffee on the couch. Then some time with Taylor looking for an apartment for him.

Posted by: David Vojtech | June 18, 2012

Enjoying a beer on the front porch

A very warm night in the city of St. Paul is the perfect time and place to kick back on the front porch and enjoy a cold beer.

Posted by: David Vojtech | October 31, 2011


The changing of seasons can be subtle, melding from one to another without much notice until the next has fully revealed itself. Other times they are defined as day and night, today this, tomorrow that. The winds of change now gather their strength and the wave builds. The clarity of the next season will be here soon.

Posted by: David Vojtech | October 18, 2011

Back to blogging

5 months ago my trusty HP laptop crashed and could not be resurrected – at least so far. I now have a Dell and am just getting used to it along with Windows 7. But for tonight I just wanted to get something on the wall. Back soon.

Posted by: David Vojtech | April 16, 2011

Training run for a 50K

Today was my last training run before my 50K race next week. I took the afternoon to head out of town to get some good trail time and also some bigger hills. The race next week will have almost 6K feet in elevation gain and loss. I went to William O’Brian state park – my favorite and one of the most effective training courses I use. The park is filled with hiking and CC ski trails and I have mapped out a nice 10 mile loop. The loop allows me to stop at the Land Cruiser and refuel and get water much like an unmanned aid station. I planned for 20 miles today – two loops. It was not a real nice day – cold for this time of year and very very windy. The air temp of 35 was actually ideal for longer running but the wind did make for a cold start. This final run was as much for the physical test (I do not belong to a health club so all of my running is outside – and this winter did not allow for a great deal of outside running) as well as the mental test. Even with the lack of miles this season I feel good enough to do a 50K and keep the time below 6hrs. But I needed to make sure I still had the mental toughness to grind out the last miles even when the discomfort starts to set in. It is the toughness you need to keep going when it gets later in the afternoon and you are running alone for and hr or two. To pass right by the finish line at mile 27 and know you still have another hilly 6 mile loop to actually cross the line. To make sure I was going to be able to do it next week I challenged myself to to the identical loop on the way back as I had done going out. In most case this would not be much of an option but on this course there are 4 smaller loops that I could have easily skipped. I could have convinced myself that 18 or even 16 was ok but I did not do that. I did the second just as the first – 10 min slower but that is to be expected. I felt good during the run and had a a effective fueling plan that I will use next week. Part solid food and part supplemental liquid fuel.
Now it is time to relax by the fire – do some stretching and and get ready for the week.

Posted by: David Vojtech | December 19, 2010

Winter Running

It has been a couple of weeks from my
last entry so I will give a quick shout out on a nice winter run I
had today. Air temp in the 20’s with bright sun and very little wind.
The trails I run on were in good winter shape, some snow and very
little ice. Running at this time of year is more about getting
outside and burning off some of the extra calories than actually
training – that will start just after the 1st of the

A picture just before the run and a
couple of pictures from a beer bottling last week

Posted by: David Vojtech | December 1, 2010

Gimme Shelter and Merry Clayton

A couple of nice musical biscuts for you. I came accros the isolated tracks a few days ago and then spend some time listening to Merry Clayton. Merry Clayton has some great covers as well as some of her own music but so far my favorite is the her cover of “Bridge over troubled water”. It is 70 soul at it’s best and if you like this it should lead you to some other goodies. Enjoy.


Posted by: David Vojtech | November 27, 2010

The “season” is here.

This is the season – the season of everything and of all. Food, gifts, friends, family and drink. It is also the season of cold (here at 45° North at least). I generally like this time of year and all that goes with it but I am also happy to start looking forward, to the new year and the end of the season. Because once you start the season the season must come to an end. The days will get longer and warmer and new adventures await. This is the time of year that most of my outside activities are at a minimum and I retreat to the proverbial basement (also literally as a couch is now positioned close to the fireplace – were I am at this very moment) and regenerate. Oh I do keep a training schedule but it is for the most part maintenance. just run as I can and any other activities as the weather allows. No this is the time to collect thoughts, work on plans, read and rest (body and soul).  It is also the time to cook and clean to paint and fix, and rest some more. This is the downtime and time for us to make th most of it – so from the comfort of my couch in front of the fireplace with beer at hand it is time to rest.

Posted by: David Vojtech | November 24, 2010

The Promise – reissue of Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Here is an interview with Patterson Hood on the reissue of Bruce Springsteen’s epic release “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. Patterson hits the nail on the head and for all of us that came of age listing to this it will bring back it back in full force. It will bring back (at least for a little while) to the summer of 78. For me that ment skipping out of “8 is Enough” “Charlies Angels” and M*A*S*H to drive around SLP and listen to Bruce tell us what was to come. I was just telling a good friend this weekend that I am, for the most part, not a nostalgia guy but this is worth a trip down memory lane.

Enjoy – David

Posted by: David Vojtech | November 19, 2010

Night Running

At 45°North it has turned very dark now that daylight savings time has left us so it is time for night running. The last couple of years I have not done all that much night running because I have had ample daylight time to run and have not been so driven at this time of year. But now I have a work schedule that fills my week and some running goals that I would like to obtain this year so night running is back. Yesterday was the first one and it was like meeting with an old friend after several years apart. Although not complete darkness when I started I still had to watch for icy patches and obstacles in the low light that could derail this run and others in the near future. But after a few miles my eyes adjusted and the trail became clear. I am a trail runner so my course is not a city street but a trail through a county park system that can be added and added to. I run in an area that is part of a reservoir system for the city of St. Paul and is a very remote area inside the city. Light from the city creeps into part of my course but most is lit by moonlight or the ambient lite that reflects off of the cloud cover. It is a very calming experience and one I am glad to be back into. As you might expect there are few runners, but some, so if solitude is what you are looking for you are in luck. I would post some pictures but it was to dark – ha ha.

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